Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Still on the Beach

South Beach Diet that is - man I WISH I was on the real beach! I could SO use the heat. Although we are supposed to get some warm weather here in the next couple days 23C (73 F).

Nice warm Easter weekend. Yay! I always remembered playing outside with a new jump rope or hula hoop each Easter as a child, most of our recent Easters have been way too cold for that!

Day 9 of South Beach Diet today.

While doing the South Beach Diet (SBD), I have been trying out new recipes. Last night I made Taco salad. I know Mexican food is very popular in the US, but not as much here. We have had tacos before, but never in salad form. It was a hit all around! Great because I can't have taco shells at the moment.

My recipe was based on Kalyn's Taco Salad recipe. If you are looking for SBD recipes, Kalyn's Kitchen is THE place to go!

I used pinto beans, homemade taco seasoning, light caesar dressing and added diced avacoda and tomatoes to my finished product. I grated the cheese on the fine side so that I used much less than we normally would have. I also really loaded our plates with salad and went easy on the meat/bean mixture.

Even my picky son loved it! I think this recipe will be added to the monthly roster :)

This post is part of the following blog carnivals - please check them out for some fabulous food ideas!


Sherry said...

Love taco salad and so does my family! Will have to try this one! :D

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hi Kim! Thanks so much for visiting me and giving me the tip on the blog with SB recipes. I'll check it out. Your taco salad looks so good and a menu item we will try out. We do love Mexican here in TN and now that you've tried it, I'm sure you'll love it too! Have a good day and come back and see me again! :)