Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another catch-up post

I am sorry it has been awhile since I last posted, life is getting in the way again.

I babysat my niece's year old daughter last week. It has been a really long time since I have been around a baby - luckily, my sister came over to help me.

I had forgotten how much energy babies have and how much I need to have to take care of one! I am SO glad my kiddo is totally independent now.

We had a good time though. She is mobile so that was fun :) J has never really been around a baby before as he is the youngest grandchild on my side and didn't get to see the younger cousins on my DH's side very often.

He was amazed at how little she was. He took off her socks to marvel at her toes LOL

I don't think the dogs knew what to think of her either :)

I have been reading like crazy over the past couple weeks - lately it has been the Elm Creek Quilt books by Jennifer Chiaverini. They are quite addictive.

I was contacted by an author to write a dust jacket blurb for his new book. I don't know this author so asked how he got my name. Apparently some time ago, I put my name on a list stating that I was available to review books.

So he sends me his manuscript to review and write a blurb about. Well I quickly notice that the manuscript has not yet been edited and the glaring errors and inconsistencies are just jumping out at me left, right and center!

I googled his name to find out if he ever published anything before as this seems kind of unprofessional.

I find he has published several books but they don't seem to be carried by Amazon, so maybe he self-published. I also find a website where he is listed as a technical writer/editor (exactly what I am). He has written an article (2006) on what NOT to do, listing EXACTLY the errors that he has made in his current manuscript.

I emailed him to let him know that I have noticed the errors and have started editing the book for him. I ask if perhaps he has sent me a very early draft version by accident? No, just the unedited final version. I would think a writer/editor would have done a much better job.

I told him I would complete the edit and mail it back to him, which I did yesterday.

After doing this I have realized it is time I sat down and attempted a novel myself. If this guy can write several and somehow get them published, I too have a shot.

Now someone give me an idea of what to write about :)

Last week J came home and told me about a conversation with his teacher where she stated that she was convinced he had ADHD. Now J was tested for this when he was very young and was found to not have it and instead was quite intelligent and the Dr assumed he was acting out in class out of boredom. After this talk with his teacher he was quite concerned that there may be something wrong with him.

I decided to give his teacher a call, who is she to say these things to an impressionable 13 yr old?

She blatantly denied the entire conversation. She said some kids were talking about ADHD and J must have misunderstood. J isn't stupid, nor did he misunderstand.

This is the same teacher that called J's best friend stupid when he asked her to explain something again. He told his parents who contacted her. She denied it completely, even though other kids heard her say it.

Someone is lying and getting away with it. We have spoken to the vice-principal, but he backs her up.Only one more year in that school thank God.

J gets sworn into cadets on Tuesday evening, so I'll have new photos to show soon.

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

The pictures of J holding the baby are so cute. He seems happy to be helping with her. That is so sad that a teacher would lie like that and to top everything off the VP sides with her. We have situations like that here also but I am so happy my kids are out of school.