Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Being sneaky didn't work

I made a smoothie today.

In it I put:

2 bananas,
a tbsp of cocoa powder,
a tbsp of honey,
a cup of milk,
4 ice cubes and...
a big handful of baby spinach leaves.

I whizzed it up in the blender and offered the kiddo some chocolate milkshake.

Now he knows this isn't a regular milkshake - while on the 1st phase of the south beach diet, I used to make a milkshake with milk, ice cubes, cocoa powder & stevia that he loved.

So when I offered this, he said yes.

He asked why it was a weird colour...I said because I added banana. He took a sip and promptly stated that he did not like bananas in chocolate mikshakes.

Darn, and I thought maybe I had a new way to sneak some veggies into him :)

It did taste a little green - maybe next time I will use a little less spinach and a bit more honey.

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

He, he, he. Good for trying mom but those taste buds sure are sharp; those kids can pick-out things like that. I agree, there is a fine line between just enough spinach. I put about 2 cups of spinach in our green smoothies and yes we can taste the spinach but we're adults so what do we know.... ;-)