Thursday, 1 April 2010

Simple Asparagus soup

Since starting the South Beach Diet 11 days ago, I have often found myself NOT interested in eating, even when it is time to eat.

Tonight the boys have gone scouting (hunting) and so I am on my own for dinner (they will hit a chip truck on the way there). Not wanting to make something big for just me, I went rooting around in the fridge, which is quite full these days with all the veggies I bought. I found two bunches of asparagus that will go bad if I don't use soon so....

I chopped an onion, broke the ends off an entire bunch of asparagus then chopped them small, put them in a pot with chicken stock (a box) and boiled the bejeesus outta them :)

I added seasoning salt, garlic powder and pepper.

Then I purred it all with my hand imursion blender and finally added about an ounce of light cream cheese and stirred til melted and mixed.

Fast - easy - and really yummy and I know I'm getting my veggies in.

I'm on my 2nd bowl :)

I'll freeze the rest for lunches next week.

EDIT: I just went to to see how similar their asparagus soup recipes were - holy crow - did you know asparagus comes in cans!? Cans? really? That is just ewwwww!
Ok done now :P

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