Monday, 7 June 2010

The Birds & the Peanut

The birds have been tormenting my DH.

For the past few weeks, the birds have been trying to set up house inside our BBQ.

As we don't often BBQ during the week, DH has had to clean the BBQ of nests each weekend. They were getting in the back somehow when the lid was closed, so we started leaving it open and placed a plastic bag with the BBQ brush on the grill - it detered them somewhat. But not completely.

DH finally went and bought a new BBQ cover that he will keep on during the week to keep the birds outta there (and I gotta tell ya, from all the chirping coming from the birds now sitting on the BBQ cover, they are NOT pleased - you ever been swore at by a bird?)


As DH was taking the wrapping off the BBQ cover, Peanut started growling and barking at him - we figured she didn't like the sound the plastic was making.

But then last night when I called her to go do her nightly business, she came to the back sliding glass doors, then she growled and backed away. She wouldn't go out past the BBQ.

I had to pick her up, carry her across the patio (and past the BBQ) and place her on the grass.

Getting her back in was equally dificult. I finally had to stand in between her & the BBQ so that is couldn't get her and she ran into the house. I even picked her up, took her to the BBQ, touched it and let her sniff it to show her it couldn't hurt her.

Now everytime she walks by the patio doors, she barks and/or growls at the BBQ.

Aw life is fun :)

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