Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Demand Studios

I have recently started writing for Demand Studios. How it works, is that they provide a list of titles and article types and you select them and write them. They are reviewed and either returned to you for a rewrite or rejected or accepted. If accepted you get paid and start looking for your next title to write about.

I have only written one article so far, which required a rewrite and then was accepted. I probably worked about 6 hours on a $15 article.


I am having great difficulty picking titles. There are litterally 100s of titles to chose from but these are not your standard article title. I think most are somehow generated from random searches run on the Internet.

Here are a few examples (as I cannot actually post Demand Studio titles, I am ad-libbing)

  • How to make a soda can robot.
  • Dog neutering laws in Japan
  • Can I turn my Chevy V8 into a radio?
  • How to build a hotub back massager
 So I am spending way more time looking for a title then actually writing the articles.

P.S. I had to check for these titles in DS to ensure they were not actual titles - cause you just never know :)


Anonymous said...
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Gill - That British Woman said...

interesting, never heard of these people.