Monday, 19 July 2010

Melia Las Dunas Cuba July 9 - 16, 2010

We had a great time in Cuba - it was very hot, so constantly being sweaty was a downside. I ran out of clothes and had to hand wash stuff. We usually went to breakfast, then back to the room to change for the beach or pool and then changed again for the evening, so I really needed 2 outfits per day.

We had requested to be close to our friends, but instead were put at the farthest building from the main building. Our friends we slightly closer, but still a fair walk away. Luckily they had lil golf carts that drove you around. We used these often - I hated getting dressed for dinner then walking to the restaurant and getting all sweaty before we got there. Our rooms didn't have very good AC - our friend's rooms were much cooler.

Also our friend's son was to share a room with J, but because we were so far away, he stayed with his family. So J didn't want to stay alone, I had to room with him leaving K on his own next door.

Nice resort, clean rooms, decent food, friendly staff. We went to 3 a la carte restaurants. Pizzeria was ok, Romantico was air conditioned and had amazing food - I had the beef tenderloin. The italian Columbus restaurant was ok but not as good as the Romantico.

Most days we had breakfast at the buffet, they had a wide assortment of food so that there was something for everyone. There was a poolside snackbar that we ate lunch at a couple times. The Beach Ranchon buffet was nice for lunch a few days.

I burned the first day and had to spend most of my time in the shade after that. The adult pool was great with its' swim up bar. There was a family side to this resort with its own pool that we went to one day but it was very crowded and loud - we liked the adult side much better. The beach was nice but the ocean was actually hot so I didn't find it very refreshing to go into, the pool was cooler.

I would definitely go back just at a cooler time of year.

Ok lots of PHOTOS here - I hope you can access them alright. Click the 1st photo to view in slideshow format.


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