Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Apparently I'm Normal

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you have probably heard me complain about my DIZZIES. I have been having split second dizzy spells for several years. I don't get the spinning kid of dizzy, just the "gonna tip over" kinda dizzies. They last a second or two, happen at all different times, while walking, sitting or laying perfectly still. Some days I have none, some days I have 50.

I have been to see a nerologist, I've had an MRI and all kinds of other wonky tests, I've been to see a ENT as well. A couple weeks ago I had to drive into Toronto to go to SunnyBrook hospital to have a balance test.

The first part of the balance test consisted of strapping me in a chair, putting something on my head and then strapping that into place so that I could not move, placing a pen light in my two hands held in front of my face, drawing a curtain around the chair, turning off the lights so that is was pitch black and then swinging the chair 90 degrees in one direction and then 90 degrees in the other direction several times while I focused on the penlight. Did that make me dizzy? You betcha!

The 2nd part of the test had me lay down on a table, look back and forth between dots on the ceiling, sit up and focus on a yellow dot in front of me, lay down, repeat the ceiling dot things, the sit up thing, several times.

The final part of the test was to spray warm water into my ears for several seconds. It didn't hurt but fell extremely warm and very loud. When she did my right ear, it felt even hotter.

So anyhow...I had an appt today with the Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor who sent me for that test, to get the results. I reminded my husband last night of the appt and then promptly forgot about it.

He came into the bedroom at 8:20am this morning (he had gotten up much earlier) and asked "What time is your appt?" I scrambled out of bed! My appt was for 8:45am!

I brushed my teeth, got dressed, remembered deoderant and ran downstairs to see he is just sitting at the computer, not yet ready to leave. URGH!

So we finally leave - I got to the office 3 minutes late, thank goodness it wasn't too far, and then had to wait 15 minutes longer before I was called in, then another 10 minutes before the doctor came in to tell me my balance test was completely normal and he had no idea what was causing my dizzies. He suggested I talk to my chiropractor to see if it has anything to do with my neck.

So I am normal & about you?

And I need more coffee.

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Melody said...

I didn't know that about you, but I too have those what I call "whoa" moments. I feel like I need to put my arms out as though I am on a skateboard to balance myself. They go away as fast as they come. I've never said anything to the Dr. I have enough meds, I don't need more.