Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ultimate Recipe Swap - Lunchbox Love

It is almost that time again - back to school for the kiddo (Yeah!)

That means it is time to start thinking about what I can send him for lunches. The schools here do not have cafeterias until highschool (next year). He hit 13 and got really picky!

His school is completely nut free, so no peanut butter sandwiches for him.

We found last year that Kraft dinner in the thermos (with or without hotdogs) turned out ok - it didn't get soggy, so that is one option.

He also likes cold pizza (like most kids do) so we will make homemade pizza or english muffin pizzas for his lunchbox as well.

Once in a while he doesn't mind homemade lunchables - pcs of cheese, deli meat and crakers (after Halloween, I also add a mini chocolate bar just like the real lunchables :))

Home baked goods go over well too - banana chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin choclate chip muffins, oatmeal cookies, granola bars to name a few.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter ate the same thing for lunch for 8 years straight!

White bread - hard salami - potato chips and an apple.

I even took her to Whole Foods to try new deli meats, each one she ate she gave a thumbs up to! When I asked her which one she wanted for her lunch she said "hard salami!"

I think high schools are now offering fast food like Subway!