Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I'm a picky eater

I didn't used to think I was a picky eater, but after thinking on it awhile, I realize I am one.

I don't like

  • bell peppers, they give me BAD heartburn
  • raw onion - cooked, they can go in anything - but they must be well cooked
  • brussel sprouts - tried but cannot stomach them, hubby loves them
  • mangos - they taste like pine to me
  • sweet potato - argh just cannot stand them
  • turnip - I still have dreams of having to eat this as a child - my father always convinced me to mix them with my mashed potatoes to make them taste better - all it did was ruin my mashed potatoes!
  • most fish - I really don't like fish, there are a couple I can tolerate, but very infrequently
  • broccoli - I really want to like this, and can tolerate it in my frog soup, but not so much just plain steamed
  • eggplant - I find them too mushy. We got 3 huge ones from our 1 plant this summer - we grilled them sliced for K to eat.
  • plums - just never liked the texture of them
  • bleu cheese - ack! K loves this stuff. I cannot tolerate it.
  • squash - I don't hate spaghetti squash, but do hate most other types
  • rice piudding - blech! rice is supposed to be savory...end of story!
  • sushi - have tryed it (the fully cooked kind) but don't like the taste of the rice
  • cooked carrots - they were pretty much the only veggie I would eat as a child and I think I just got sick of them  - I can eat them raw though
  • mussels & oysters - in any preparation {shudder}
  • goat cheese - it taste like um dirt to me :p
 Wow that is a lot of stuff.

So what types of foods do you dislike? 

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

he he he, we are somewhat alike Kim when it comes to food we don't really like. For me, sushi, squash, sweet potato and oysters. But I love, love, love fish.