Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ultimate Recipe Swap - Favourite Fall Dish

My favourite fall dish to make would be homemade mac & cheese.

My son is sick of sandwiches for lunches and has requested I make enough of this on the weekend so that he has lunches all week (and a few dinners).

I don't really have a set recipe - I improvise.

Melt a couple tbsps of butter
Add couple tbsps of flour to melted butter

Wisk together and allow to cook for a few mins

Add some milk

Add some more milk - prob 2 cups total

Add garlic powder, seasoning salt & pepper

Mozza, cheddar & Velveeta cheese

Mix in grated cheeses

Stir till melted and combined
Stir some more
Add mustard powder & onion powder (I forgot before)
Add Velveeta
Wisk until smooth
Once water has boiled...
throw in some pasta
Decided at this point to make taco mac & cheese and added some cumin & chili powder
Add sauce to cooked pasta
Plate and enjoy
Can you see the spices? Yummy!

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April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

Improvised recipes are often the tastiest! Thanks for sharing your yummy version of mac and cheese!