Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weird TV

I just watched two episodes of a tv show called Freaky Eaters. The first episode was about a woman who since the age of 3 (she is 29 now) has eaten ONLY french fries for breakfast, lunch & dinner EVERYDAY. Her 7yr old daughter is now following in her footsteps so she is trying to address the problem. She is not huge, she has good skin and apparently no health concerns. How the heck is that possible?

If I ate french fries every meal for even a week, I would be deathly ill. That has got to reek havoc on your digestive system.

The 2nd episode was a 21 yr old guy who ate pizza for every meal for approx. 6 yrs. In the past 3 yrs he had developed an illness (surprise?) where he would wake up nauseous every morning with a splitting headache - this lasted approx. 30 mins every morning. He quit school and sports, friends, everything because of the illness. Turns out he has food sensitivities, mainly to dairy. So all the cheese on the pizzas was making him sick, only he didn't think pizza was the prob because he didn't get sick until the next morning. Duh. He was eating something like 480 pizzas a year, which had 80lbs of saturated and trans fats. Blech! Again he looked fit and had clear skin. How the heck do they manage that?

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