Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Week in Review

DH came home from his business trip on Friday, having picked up his Mother on the way, from her sister's, where she had been visiting for 3 weeks. He also brought home a cold which I caught on Sunday.

Monday I had a telephone interview. It was shceduled at 11am. Dh had to drive J to school as there was a soccer tournament he was in and he had to be there early. Once the boys left, I climbed back into bed for an hour because I felt so crappy. I got up at 9:50 am and decided to make some tea and then research the company I was interviewing for.

The interview people called me at 10 am, they are in New Brunswick and it was 11 am there. I asked them to call me back in 10 minutes and scrambled to get ready.
The interview took 45 minutes (I think it went well) and then I had to do an online written test which took 2 hours and 15 minutes then I again climbed back into bed. I should hear something by the end of the week about the job which is completely work-from-home YES!

J's school took 2nd place in the soccer tournament out of eight teams. J came down with the cold too. He has been home the past 2 days and looks like he will be home again tomorrow. I too am still feeling crappy - this cold is really hanging on.

A good friend lost her mother on Tuesday. She had been ill for awhile, but it is still devastating.

We had a soccer game tonight with J's house leage coach and his (coach's) school team (coach teaches at and coaches at a private school). So the private school grade 10 team and our grade 8 team went head to head tonight. J played but probably shouldn't have. Anyway, we were creamed 7-0.

Last week I called the VP at J's school to let her know he was being bullied on the school bus (as he has been for the past 3 yrs). She said she would look into it and spoke to both boys. She determined that J has said some things in retaliation for the bullying so she punished both boys by moving them on the bus. Even though this kid is bullying J, pushing him etc...they get the same punishment. I called her up and said I was not impressed with how she handled the issue as we were the ones to call her. She said she would again look into it and call me back - that was Friday and again I have not heard from her.

It is Thanksgiving this coming Monday in Canada. I went and bought all the fixings but don't much feel like cooking any of it right now - hopefully will feel better by Sunday.

It has cooled down quite a bit here. We haven't yet had to turn on the heat, I want to hold off on that as long as possible but may end up putting the flannel sheets and electric blanket on the bed this weekend.

Also, Saturday marked 8 years since I quit smoking.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

did you hear about the job?

Also thanks for responding to my question, I would love to do reviews etc for my blog, have to figure out a way of contacting them.