Friday, 19 November 2010

Nothing lasts anymore

Last year while I was working, I often had to schelp my laptop around. Instead of carrying my heavy laptop case, I thought I would buy a backpack and carry the laptop that way. It worked out pretty well.

Fast forward to the beginning of the school year. J needed a new backpack, so we decided since I wasn't using mine anymore and it was pretty new he would use that.

So here it is only 3 months into the school year and the backpack is almost totally wrecked! He probably throws it around more than I ever did, but still.

So this weekend we will be hunting for kids backpacks.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Been there done that and have got the's a never ending thing. I did find that the more you pay there is a slight chance it will last longer......

Posted about a couple of deals on my blog today.....


Gill - That British Woman said...

glad you took advantage of the Mark's deal. It worked out well for me as well, as I got my two brothers one of those furry hats with the ear flaps on to send to them, as they are truck drivers in Britain and have no hair!!!!

I got dd the pj set with the pants, t-shirt and hooded top. Myself a top on clearance. Still have $17.50 left on the gift card, plus the $20 gift card I got free and the $10 off card to spend in December. So I to was happy with the deal.