Thursday, 18 November 2010


there are only 5 weeks til Christmas...seriously? Where the heck did the year go to? I am NOT ready for Christmas. I haven't even begun to think about being ready for Christmas.

It seems each year, I get closer and closer to the date before I actually feel like I am in a Christmasy mood.

So...I have decided, I am going to do a major clean this weekend and start decorating.  The Toronto Santa Claus Parade is on Sunday - we can watch it on TV and drink hot chocolate with the fireplace lit. I hope this gets me in the Christmas mood.

I get gift cards for many of the people I buy for, but there is still some I have to shop for.

5, I am so not ready *sigh*

P.S. We are going to see the 2nd last installment of the Harry Potter movies tomorrow night - we will go out for dinner 1st and make a night of it. So excited! I LOVE Harry Potter almost as much as the kid does.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

Hope you enjoyed the Harry Potter movie? Where did you eat out at?