Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Posting on a Wednesday for a change :)

Winter is coming! We have a bit of snow (1-2 inches), nothing to really complain about compared to those a little south west of us. One town got 144 cm (57 inches) so far in the past few days! And it has been SO cold the past couple days too - just walking around the corner to the mailbox nearly froze me to death.

Peanut's winter coat was a little tight on her this year, she has gained a bit. I checked a few stores for a new winter coat for her (she really doesn't have much fur to keep her warm) but couldn't find anything to compare to her shearling-like coat. So I McGyvered it :)

It closes with a long piece of velcro down the tummy. I unstitched one side of the velcro, found a plaid fabric that had the same carmel colour as the coat in it and made a 2 inch wide strip that I sewed onto one side of the coat where I removed the velcro - following so far?

Then I sewed the piece of velcro onto the opposite side of the plaid patch. It took me all of 15 minutes and Voila! Peanut's coat now fits her just fine! She was very glad to have it on our short walk tonight.

I haven't finished my Christmas decorating yet - I did the family room then kind of stopped. I have to get back on that. I should really do at least a little Christmas baking too. Only 16 days to go - yikes!

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Gill - That British Woman said...

very creative and frugal, well done.

It's bitter cold today, so wrap up when/if you go out.

Did you hear back on any of your jobs yet?