Sunday, 9 January 2011

1st week of diet complete

So I have been completely sugar free for 7 full days now. I feel great! I was really surprised that I did not have a sugar-withdrawal headache the 1st couple days, especially after all the sweets I inhaled over the holidays.

I have been using a flavoured Stevia liquid in my coffee & tea. Too much and it has an after-taste but just the right amount and it tastes great. I think I am also getting a taste for less sweet coffee & tea.

I have lost weight, but will not yet disclose how much :) It is a surprise!

So far I have plenty of energy and am not finding dieting too difficult, but it is still early days. I just made kraft dinner for J and it smelled SO good, even though I really don't like KD. My sense of smell seems stronger.

I had a small beef tenderloin steak (not bacon wrapped) last night for dinner and I sliced teeny tiny pieces off it and ate it slowly and savoured it. I am definitely eating my meals much more slowly now and paying attention to taste. I have leftover tenderloin to look forward to tonight with some steamed asparagus :)

Finally got the rest of the Christmas decorations down today and put away - I did leave two artifical pointsettias on the mantal and made DH put the front door wreaths back up - I keep telling him they are winter wreaths, not just Christmas wreaths.

We got a couple inches of snow over the past week but nothing major thank God. I could do without too much snow this winter.


Gill - That British Woman said...

well done on completing your first week, I think I will have to get started AGAIN!!!


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Way to go Kim. I'm certain less sugar makes you feel better (it does for me). Keep up whatever it is you're doing... obviously it works.