Monday, 10 January 2011

Being Frugal

In an attempt to save money (not that I have any as I am not currently working) I have decided to start posting the things I do that are of a frugal nature. Feel free to join in.

This past week:

  • ate leftovers for dinner last night
  • DH also ate leftovers for dinner last night (his were different as I am on a diet) and he has enough for tonight as well.
  • looked on Demand Studios for topics I can write - I haven't written anything for them for several months. It is easy money if I can find a topic.
  • racking up my Swagbucks. Thanks to Gil for giving me some tips. I have $20 in gift cards with another $5 pending. Hope to have a nice amount by Christmas next year for a few gifts.
  • Did all my laundry Sunday - electricity rates are cheapest here on the weekends.
  • Sorted through my bookshelf the other day - may try to sell the4 books I no longer want on Kijiji
  • Waited until I had a full load to run the dishwasher - since there is only 3 of us and I hand wash often, I only run it about once a week.
 Not so frugal:
  • Groceries this weekend cost me about $150 and they were mostly produce for me. No way to get cheap produce in the winter time. At least we have tons of other foods in the house for the boys to use up.
  • Threw out leftover turkey from New Year's day that I forgot to freeze. There wasn't a lot but still.
  • My office is freezing and I have been using the space heater a lot - need to wear more layers and drink more coffee/tea to stay warm or our hydro bill is gonna be nuts!

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Gill - That British Woman said...

Well done on trying to be frugal. I am going to send you an email on a couple of things you might find handy,