Thursday, 10 March 2011

My day at the salon/spa

Have you heard of If not, you should definitely check it out - there are tons of deals there, some may be right for you.

A month or so back, I came accross a deal for a salon/spa.
The deal included:
  • 1 hour customized facial with scalp massage
  • full hair colour
  • partial (top only) highlights
  • wash, cut & style
  • makeup application
All this for $75. Since I haven't had my hair cut let alone, styled or any of the rest, in about a year and a half, I jumped at buying this deal.

Once I recieved my voucher via email, I called to set up my appt. Since they had sold so many of these, I had to wait approx. 3.5 weeks. I asked how long to allocate for the appt, I was told 4 hours!

Yesterday was my appt. I arrived at about 11:15am, my appt was for 11:30am.

I was taken up TWO flights of stairs to the facial room.
I was told to disrobe the top half of me and put on a wrap-around underarm robe. I asked if it would fit me - I am NOT a small person and many of these "one-size-fits-all" type things do not. She said yes and then left me to change and get on the table.

The robe did not fit - I did the best I could. I had a hard time getting on the table, it was high, I am short. It moved a lot and I have heavy. I managed to get up and then pulled the blanket up to cover what the robe did not.

She knocked then came back in the room. She dimmed the lights, played soft celtic music and did a myriad of things to my face, all of them enjoyable. She also massaged my shoulders and neck. After awhile she put a facial mask on me and left for 15 mins - I almost fell alseep. When she came back, she cleansed the mask off and gave me a face and head massage. It was all very lovely and relaxing.

The downer was when I had to get dressed and then feeling very loose and relaxed, had to walk carefully down the 2 flights of steep stairs.

Back on the 1st floor, I got my hair coloured and highlights applied to the top of my head by a different woman. Just before that was finished, a woman came into the salon with a little girl of about 4. The girl had gorgeous long blond hair that she had decided to cut herself. She had a huge chunk taken out of one side - very short. The mother asked if it could be fixed without cutting all the hair short as the father wanted it left as long as possible. While my colour was working, my stylist went and fixed the girl's hair. She did a stellar job at hiding the missing chunk.

Next it was up one flight of stairs to get the colour washed out and then to get my hair cut & styled.
I chose to cut my hair to shoulder length. I had several inches cut off. Once my hair was complete, she started on my make up. Again this was all very relaxing. I liked the final look, but thought is slightly heavy for my liking.

I was looking good and feeling very relaxed and happy. Then I left and walked into a blizzard to go meet my husband. By the time he got there, my hair was flat from the rain/snow. Oh well.

When I got home, I looked at the brochure they gave me. If I had just walked in and had all those treatments done without the voucher, it would have cost me $240. I don't think I would ever pay that. I guess I won't be getting all that done again any time soon.

So since I know you would all want to see the results, here are my before and after photos. Although you can't really see in the photos, my hair is much lighter than it was and not as reddish as it shows in the pics.

For those of you with keen eyesight, I am wearing different glasses in the before and after, because just before I left for my appt, I was cleaning my glasses when they snapped right in the middle of the nose bridge. Luckily, I happened to have an old (ugly) pair laying around.

And finally me and my kiddo - who is now as tall as I am (not that that is difficult at 5'1")


jacque4u2c said...

luvin the new do - it looks AWESOME!

Kim said...

Thx Jacque :) I am liking it very much - a lot easier to keep outta my face :)

SunnyLoveGlasses said...

it looks beautiful