Monday, 25 April 2011

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Day 26 eating a low carb lifestyle. Down 10 lbs. Bouncing up and down 1-2 lbs. Not gaining so that is good.

Saw something on TV about Joan Rivers criticing red carpet styles...has anyone looked at her lately?!
Would you really take style advice from her after what she has done to her face!? She used to look so normal too. Now she looks like the Joker!


 Why do people mess with how God made them? Check out these bad plastic surgery jobs.

It has been raining so much lately, I am late getting my seeds started. I am starting them indoors, but need to get the dirt into egg cartons for planting, on the back patio table, so need the raint to stop! I think Mother nature is PMSing - she just cannot make up her mind on the temperature this spring.

I read Minding Frankie by Mauve Binchey this weekend. I liked the book, I like most of Mauve's work. They are always a very easy read, not too wordy. However, a few things about this book irked me.

I am assuming it is set in our time, as there is nothing to indicate otherwise. One of the main characters is a former art teacher that has been forced into retirement in her mid-forties. The book explains how she decides to learn the Internet once she retires. Hey! I'm in my mid-forties (or soon will be) and I have know about the Internet for YEARS, have been on and using the Internet for years!  Pretty much every teacher in the schools here have their own computer in their class as well as several others for the students to use. This is just unbelievable for a former school teacher from the U.S. to have not been web-sauvy.
Ok go that off my chest - whew.

Another thing that kind of bothers me is that she portrays Irish people as being somewhat simple-minded. Not that they are stupid or anything, but very conscience of what others think of them - that what others think somehow makes them better or worse. And also that they dwell on the unimportant, such as what others think of how they dress or how their flower box looks etc... very self-absorbed. I've never been to Ireland, but I seriously hope, the people are not like this.

That is all...rant over :)

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

We've been having rain all week so far. Someone at the university said today that the Farmers Almanac says that we will only get one day of sun in June; blah. I agree, Joan looks like the Joker.

Good for you staying on track with your new eating lifestyle.