Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Weight Loss Method.

My son Jarrod is off school this week as the grade 8’s went on a trip to Montreal, which he didn’t want to go on.

Jarrod put his name on a list for a paper route years ago – we got a call Tues around noon, that there was one available if he was interested – only it isn’t extremely close.
So on Tues, he and I decided to walk down to the new paper route to see how far it was. It is 1.5km from our house, then a 63 house route, then 1.5km back home. For the couch potato that I am, that is quite the trek. Much soreness and painkillers were involved.

He decided he wanted to take the route because he can potentially make approx. $340 every 3 weeks (it is an optional payment of $6) Once he accepted, the job started on Wed (yesterday). He has to deliver Wed, Thurs & Fri.

Wed morning I was down a pound. Guess the walking helped.

So I again made the trek with him on Wed, this time with papers & Sears catologs – it first took us 45 mins to stuff and rubberband the papers, then 1.25 hours to walk and do the route as the route was new to us and not all houses get delivered to. 

Again I near died. Every part of me hurt. How does walking hurt your shoulder? My feet were throbbing all night long. Even my butt hurt!

This morning I was down 2 lbs!

Today is “flyer” day which means 2 large bunches of flyers to be stuffed into the paper and because of the chance of rain, we had to put the papers into plastic bags.

They wouldn’t all fit into the bundle buggy we bought, so we had to also borrow a wagon – trek the 1.5 km there with us both pushing/pulling papers.

I survived the walk much better today with only profuse sweating – started getting really tired much closer to home then previously.

So if you are keeping track – I have now walked at least 9km this week and still have tomorrow’s delivery to do.

Sounds like nothing, but seriously, I don’t walk much. I'm hoping for another pound or two tomorrow.

In the weeks to come, most of the stuffing of the papers will fall to me since J will be back to school (at least for the next month), and only gets home at 4pm and the papers have to be delivered by 6pm

Right now, J doesn’t want to get a friend to help him, because he would have to split his earnings with them, while with me he doesn’t.

It is good exercise, so I will continue to help until I either get work or it gets to hot for me to tolerate that long of a walk. Oh ya, and we are supposed to have thunder storms tomorrow - that should make for a fun walk :)

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Sunny Simple Life said...

It will get easier the more you go. My SIL and I started walking last month a few miles 3 times a week and I have lost a few pounds already and it is so much easier now then when we first started.