Saturday, 14 May 2011


I have been submitted for 4 different jobs, 3 are contracts, one is perm. I am hoping to be called in for an interview for the perm one. It is in a good location downtown, pay is good and it is just the type of job I have been looking for.

K bought me a Cash for life scratch ticket the other day - I won 4 times on one ticket. You woud think with that kind of luck, one of the prizes might have been above average, but sadly no, I won $4, then $6, then $4 and finally $6 again for a total of $20. I am going to buy 5 more tickets :)

I finally got around to planting my veggies seeds, a tad late but better than never I guess. Photos coming soon.

Today I bought a Bloomerang Twice Blooming Lilac bush from Loblaws. I have always wanted to get a Lilac tree/bush as it is one of my favourite fragrances. Last year I went too late and they were all sold out. I got the flyer on Thursday so made sure I bought one this weekend before they ran out. Will get it planted tomorrow if it ever stops raining.

I still have to weed the gardens, both front and back. If my darling sister D is reading, I would love for you to come play in my garden if you have the time :) I'll make you lunch *bribe* I actually dislike gardening - I just like the results.

The week after next, we have Monday off as a holiday for Victoria Day and then J's class and the rest of the grade eights are going to Montreal on Wednesday through the weekend. J decided not to go on the trip, so gets to take those days off school as there are only a few students not going. So that week he would only have to go to school on Tuesday - since it only the one day, we decided to let him stay home the entire week. So he has school next week, then the entire next week off.

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