Thursday, 2 June 2011

I've decided to become a hermit

I had to go into Toronto today. I had a meeting at 11:30am, but due to the location and that I do not drive, I had to leave the house at 8:15am, have my husband drop me at the GO station and catch the 8:45am GO bus. Now this bus is the only one going where I needed to go but it took 1 hour and 45 minutes because it had like a kazillion stops in between. By car it would have been 45 mins tops.

Once I got to my stop, I had to catch another city bus and finally arrived at my destination at 11:20am.

Here is my problem - I don't like being amongst people. The woman behind me on the GO bus smelled like moth balls. The city bus smelled like body odor, curry and cigarettes. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE curry, just not in that combination!

Since I quit smoking 8+ years ago, my sense of smell is extremely strong. I can smell a squirrel fart 3 blocks away! Theses smells on the bus were almost more than I could bear.

Then later I had to use a public washroom. Do normal people all turn into pigs when they go out? I checked 4 stalls before I found one that had been flushed and didn't have pee all over the seat! Absolutely disgusting!

Now the reason I was in Toronto today was for a job interview. Yesterday, I would have said it was my dream job. It is a full time job and completely work from home (well at least for the 1st year until they open an office in Toronto).

However, after the interview, I am not sure I even want the job. It is not exactly as it was described to me. It is not really my forte. It also consists of 25% travel throughout Canada & the U.S.

I'll wait and see what comes of it - I won't turn it down if I am offered it as I need to get back to work, and at least with this job, I wouldn't have to deal with people on a daily basis.

Still hoping to just win the lottery :)


Gill - That British Woman said...

I hate travelling by public transport for all those reasons you mentioned, and don't even get me started about public washrooms!!!

Good luck with the job application, but how on earth will you manage to travel throughout Canada and the States?


Essay Papers said...
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Melody said...

The lottery is my retirement plan.

But if you get to travel anywhere close, at least we could get together :-)