Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This years' garden

I got a late start planting seeds indoors this year - last year we bough plants instead.
The seeds I planted are: romaine lettuce, mixed greens, green onions, swiss chard, bok choy and mini carrots.

We did buy some plants this year as well - tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, an eggplant and some red leaf lettuce although we had some come up from last year (in the garden bed and the lawn!)

My biggest problem is getting the gardens weeded - I seriously hate to weed. I always manage to disturb some spider and have it run up my arm and then that is the end of that - I don't want to garden any longer. Also bending over for long periods of time isn't the most comfortable. Also notice how long the grass has gotten - lots of rain lately.


I also bought an Bloomerang Lilac bush from Loblaws a couple weeks ago. I absolutely LOVE lilacs and this one is supposed to flower twice each summer - it is slightly in flower now.  It is tiny now but is supposed to grow to be a 4-5 ft by 4-5ft bush.

I have some cilantro that self seeded itself from 2 years ago. Also some raspberries and strawberries that some lovely birdy planted for us.

I have already had to cut the chives right back because they had flowered and started to turn woody - they were about 2 feet high. Should have some nice frest tender growth in a week.

The hostas are doing nicely.

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