Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Kid is home from camp.

This post is a few days late - I was hoping to include photos. We bought a DVD filmed during the week of camp, but I cannot figure out how to get snapshots from it to post here.
 Kid is home from an adventure filled week at Extreme camp where he got to ride horses for the first time (and perform in the rodeo on pick-up day), sleep in a HUGE treehouse (sleeps 10), build his own shelter in the woods and then sleep in it (good thing it didn't rain :)), go water tubing, go wakeboarding, jump off a ledge 40 ft in the air to grab an acrobat bar, sleep in the upper level of a barn and watch a 3 hour movie before bed, get sprayed with a firetruck hose, go canoeing, go kayaking, walk a tight rope high in the air (blindfolded!) and jump off the back of a speeding boat! And most of it was caught on film!
And I had to convince him to go in the first place...he already has plans to book for next year!

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Gill - That British Woman said...

I bet he wants to go back, I wouldn't mind joining him, sounds like a whole lot of fun....