Thursday, 18 August 2011

My first art journal pages

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Art journalling is very different to the art I normally do. It is far less controlled and loose. I have to work on that. I still try to balance and perfect things to much, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

This is my 1st 2-page spread. 
Mostly watercolours and stamping.

2nd 2-page spread.
It looked too much like a scrapbook page - wasn't happy with it.

So I modified it. Added stamps.

3rd page 
I started by creating the crackle finish with white glue.
I like how it turned out. I will use it often.
The border is a torn paper napkin.

4th page. I used a lot of different techniques on this one.
Post-it masking, stamping with found 
objects, and podgied a bit of lace

5th & 6th pages - after gessoing the pages, 
I scratched a comb through the right side and used 
the end of the comb to draw swirls - see pics below.
These pages still need to be finished.

(gesso is a medium used to prep the pages 
for all types of art - it also thickens the pages)

Hubby bought me a gallon of gesso (as well as 
a set of fine markers) as an early 
birthday present (well I did ask for it :)

I'd love to hear what you think of my art journal pages.
It is very therapeutic :)

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