Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Works For Me Wednesday - YouTube Videos!

See my lovely new ART journal?

I MADE it!
Completely...I didn't just cover a book I bought
I made it entirely from scratch.

Yup, and it wasn't all that difficult, a bit time consuming and if I had had more patience, it wouldn't be as wonky.

 Inside front cover
 Inside pages
 Here you can see the stitching
 Back inside cover - the glue soaked through the 
scrapbook paper, need to use thicker paper next time.

 My edges are not as neat as they should be

Hopefully, my second attempt will look better.

I got all the instructions from Baronessnz on
There are 4 videos, so make sure you click the next one when the first is finished.

For more Works For Me Wednesday tips, head over to We are THAT family

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