Saturday, 10 September 2011

Baby Bunnies!

On the side of my house! Hubby went down the side to cut weeds with the weedwacker...just in time to see about 6 baby bunnies scatter. A few went under the fence to the neighbour's yard. Kodi almost ate one, probably thinking it was a toy. The last 2 ran behind a couple patio pavers leaning against the house.

J was able to grab them. We cuddled them for a bit, but they were terrified, so we put them back behind the pavers. Now J wants to get a pet rabbit - at first he just wanted to keep one or all of the babies, but after researching it online, and finding out that wild bunnies do not make good pets, he wants to buy a pet one!

So enjoy the photos.

 See the bunny butt wedged in behind the patio stone?

 Plastic bug on ledge is bigger than bunny!

Aw huggin bunnies :)

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Gill - That British Woman said...

I wonder where the mother is?