Thursday, 29 September 2011

Book Review - Have a New Teenager By Friday By Dr Kevin Leman

Publisher's blurb:
Do you know this person?
He eats cereal out of a large mixing bowl.
Her bedroom looks like a garbage dump . . . on a good day.
If there were an Academy Award for eye-rolling, he'd win.
She changes outfits three times before breakfast.
Congratulations! You have a teenager in your home.
Life will never quite be the same again (of course, you already know that). But it can be better than you've ever dreamed. In fact, you're just five days away from your teenager asking, "What can I do to help?" Guaranteed!
With his signature wit and commonsense psychology, internationally recognized family expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman will help you
  • gain respect--even admiration--from your teenager
  • establish healthy boundaries and workable guidelines
  • communicate with the "whatever" generation
  • turn selfish behavior around
  • navigate the critical years with confidence
  • pack your teenager's bags with what he or she needs for life now and in the future
  • become the major difference-maker in your teenager's life
With Dr. Leman's instinct and insight, plus an index with gutsy advice on 75 hot-button issues that keep parents up at night, Have a New Teenager by Friday will help you get real results--real fast.

My review: This is the 3rd book I have read by Dr. Leman. I previously purchased Have a New Kid By Friday & Have a New You by Friday. I have to say, I was disappointed by all three.

I decided to get this book since I currently have a teen and thought maybe I'd learn something useful.

The book did remind me of a few things that I tend to overlook with the busy lives we all lead, things like how what you are saying and what your teen is hearing, may be completely different. It gave me pause on a couple points - but that is it.

Otherwise, I found this book (and the other 2) extremely unrealistic, and overly simplistic. There are several instances in the book where the advice given is so obvious to the point of being ridiculous. Your teen comes home late with the car, well don't let him drive the car the next night. Well DUH NO KIDDING! Seriously? This is what this guy learned in school?

There is nothing new in this book and luckily, I don't have any huge issues with my son, because if I did, this book wouldn't be any help.

Your teen complains about what you cooked for dinner - ask them what they would prefer and tell them you will make it for them next week. Um no, not in my house! My son knows he can request any meal he likes, but once I have made dinner, THAT is what we are having. And I don't cook things I know he doesn't like, so there should be no call for complaints.

Dr Leman has a ton of followers and I simply don't get it because while he may be trying to help us all, in my opinion, he falls far short of the goal.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you don't live around these new age parents that don't have a clue how to raise kids. They need it spelled out to them these days! I found it refreshing to see that there are still people out there that believe in the old fashioned way of parenting. It encouraged me. Look at the world around us, no one is parenting much anymore!