Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Life Update

So we got through the first day of school and are onto the 2nd with no major problems. It was a tad difficult waking the kid up at 7am as apposed to the the 10:30am he has been used to all summer. He had some difficulty with his lock and finding his classes but was ok otherwise.

It suddenly got cool out here so I had to rush to hem his uniform pants, as he had planned to wear his uniform shorts. I may have to exchange the shorts if the cool temps stick around. He won't be wearing the shorts again until June, so will probably need the next size up and these fit him well and are not loose.

I had a follow-up Dr appt yesterday - I am apparently extremely low in B12. This can be dangerous and causes dizziness, fatigue and brain fog...huh no kidding! So now I am taking a 1200 mcg B12 pill daily and will retest my B12 blood levels in 3 months. For some reason my blood pressure is sky high again, she wants to increase my meds. Will recheck in a month.

I had a phone interview on Friday. The interviewers called me from India. It was difficult to understand one of them. He also wanted to give me a grammar test. First off, I couldn't understand the sentence he wanted me to rewrite and also, I have been in this business for over 19yrs with a resume that backs that up, I told them I thought asking me to do a grammar test was insulting. I have no idea of what is happening with this job, as the interviewers didn't seem to know either. It is a job through a consulting firm that is helping another consulting firm. I have a feeling it won't go far.

J has been doing the local papers for a friend for the last 4 wks while he was away on vacation (we gave up our route because of the distance). Last week we started collecting for the route. It is an optional payment of $6 collected every 3 weeks. The people on this route are pathetic - seriously. Several told us that they had paid the previous kid (Austin who was on vacation) for the full year. We checked with Austin's dad, this is not the case - they just don not pay at all. Then there are the people that say they have no cash - I know a lot of people don't carry cash anymore. They tell us to come back, we come back, still no cash, come back again, same thing. They don't care. A measly $6 people! Some of them just give J a toonie ($2) and are done with it. One guy said, today is your lucky day and gave him $1.25. J was dumbfounded and said nothing. I told him if anyone else did that, that he had permission to hand it back and say "I think you need this more than I do" and walk away.

So many of these people tell him point blank that they do not pay and the paper should pay him instead - which they don't - he only gets paid from collections. We also have to collect several times as people are not home, have no money etc...We have been out 4 times already. We are doing the final collection tonight (hopefully) and will be done with it.


Gill - That British Woman said...

that does suck that people are doing that regarding the paper route.

I hope things come together for you regarding your job search as well.


Gill - That British Woman said...

forgot to tell you, Jack from Coronation Street did not die in real life,