Friday, 7 October 2011

On my mind...

On my mind today is my mother in-law. She had been visiting her sister near Ottawa for the month of September. My husband drove out and picked her up last Friday and brought her to stay with us for a few days.

Her memory is getting extremely bad. She mentions the same thing to me with several minutes of talking about it before. Her daughter had her to the doctor last year to be checked for Alzheimer's but the Dr said is is just her age - what a bunch of bunk! She is 80 yrs old and can't remember a conversation from 10 mins ago! that is not normal.

Anyhoo..Hubs drove her to his brother's place yesterday because she had an eye appt that he was taking her to. Shortly after they left, her daughter called (the one she lives with) to say that she was taking an additional week off so Mom could stay here longer if she wanted to.

So hubs has to drive out to his brother's in Toronto tomorrow to pick her up again and she will stay until next Sunday the 16th.

I literally sighed a breath of relief when she left yesterday, now she is coming back. She spoke to hubs last night to make arrangements to come back and then called an hour later completely forgetting the previous call - she didn't remember even after he reminded her of what they talked about.

I know none of this is her fault, but it is really difficult sometimes when you have to constantly repeat yourself - I should be used to this, I do have a teenager right? :)

So tomorrow morning I have a CT scan scheduled and then we will drive out to pick her up again. I also have to plan meals for while she is here - she is a somewhat picky eater.

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, so that is one meal I don't have to think about - turkey is already out to thaw. End of vent :)

Have a great weekend all.

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DEB said...

just visiting via Rhonda's blog.
Hope you have a lovely weekend


Melody said...

My mother-in-law does have Alzheimer's, mid to advanced, and it sounds so familiar. Hang in there.