Thursday, 20 October 2011

Recent Art & Life Stuff

A doodle page I did last night while watching a friend stream live on Ustream.

I survived mother in-law being here but really do not want to do that too often. She was supposed to be here only a week but that got extended to 2 weeks.

I have been submitted to a few jobs, but still no solid leads or interviews yet.

Technology saved the day today - Jarrod forgot his science project which is due today, at home this morning. His teacher said as long as I could email her a photo to prove he had it finished, she wouldn't deduct any marks - so Jarrod phoned me, then texted me her email address, I took the pic and emailed it to her. Whew - he can hand it in tomorrow :)

A couple more pages done in my art journal.

One last photo to make you smile. Peanut has decided to try to kill my printer everytime it does something. Too funny!

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Anonymous said...

I could use a MIL, send her our way for a bit! I love, love your journal pages. Those are the kind of pages I can create in my head, but not with my do I get it to translate? I loved helping write technical stuff for manuals when I was at the airline. Great job and good luck with your submissions.