Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Other art I have done in past few months but forgot to post :)


Melody said...

I love these! Do you have your own Etsy page?

Kim said...

Not yet but I have been thinking of starting one - not sure what all I would post, these are only ATCs (2.5x3.5) and postcards (4x6). I have done a couple canvases as well.

My big issue is knowing what to charge & then figuring out shipping costs.

I would love to make an ATC or 2 for you if you want. Email me your snail mail addy, and an idea of the style you want.

Melody said...

But I have seen fantastic bags you have made and look at the dog paintings. You are so talented. I'd pay you to do one of our dogs.

Just figure out what the weight of one is and see what it costs to mail to both Canada and US. Don't forget to add enough for your packing material and time. I've sold a gazillion things on eBay so I know how long it takes to package things, plus the trip to the post office.

And I'd love to have one of your ATCs, so I can say I knew her when.