Sunday, 23 October 2011

No need for expensive dog toys...

an old bit of fleece and she is good to go!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

And even more arty stuffs

Another page in my doodle journal started tonight while watching another online friend stream while arting live.

This is a bookmark I made for yet another online arty friend - the image is from an old Little Woman book - don't yell at me for cutting up a book - that is what I bought for! ($2 from the thrift shop).

I also made her this cute little ATC using a door image from a Home Depot flyer. Then I decided that is need the entire house around it, so fashioned an envelope into a house form. I think it is cute :)


Recent Art & Life Stuff

A doodle page I did last night while watching a friend stream live on Ustream.

I survived mother in-law being here but really do not want to do that too often. She was supposed to be here only a week but that got extended to 2 weeks.

I have been submitted to a few jobs, but still no solid leads or interviews yet.

Technology saved the day today - Jarrod forgot his science project which is due today, at home this morning. His teacher said as long as I could email her a photo to prove he had it finished, she wouldn't deduct any marks - so Jarrod phoned me, then texted me her email address, I took the pic and emailed it to her. Whew - he can hand it in tomorrow :)

A couple more pages done in my art journal.

One last photo to make you smile. Peanut has decided to try to kill my printer everytime it does something. Too funny!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bostoberfest 2011

Partytime for the pup!

We attended this event last year - I blogged about it here.

This year there didn't seem to be as many dogs as last year. We stayed for about 2 hours - Peanut had a ball!

Peanut is wearing the pink harness.

And now some videos - they are all pretty short.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Only a matter of time

My mother in-law is visiting.

Some of the things I have heard (many of them several times over!)

MIL: that woman is too pale, she should put on some makeup.
MIL: Tsk look how short her skirt is!
MIL: (while watching a cooking show) Is SHE going to eat ALL that!
MIL: (same cooking show) Look at ALL the butter she is putting in!
MIL: Smith?! He is Indian, his name can't be Smith!
MIL: (after reading a crime novel of mine) Why do people write that stuff, it is HORRIBLE!
MIL: She looks like she didn't comb her hair.

ME: (Watching a cop on the news commend rescue workers "My hands off to them...")
"It's HATS off to them dumbass" I shout at the TV

OH MY GOSH - it is rubbing off on me!

5 days to go - pray for me!

Book Review - Necessary Deception by Laurie Alice Eakes

Publisher's blurb:
When young widow Lydia Gale helps a French prisoner obtain parole, she never dreams she will see him again. But just as the London Season gets under way, the man presents himself in her parlor. While she should be focused on getting her headstrong younger sister prepared for her entrée into Society, Lady Gale finds herself preoccupied with the mysterious Frenchman. Is he a spy or a suitor? Can she trust him? Or is she putting herself and her family in danger?

Discover a world of elegance and intrigue, balls and masquerades as Laurie Alice Eakes whisks you into the drawing rooms of London Society on this exciting quest to let the past stay in the past--and let love guide the future.

My Review: I can't say I liked this book much. Perhaps it was the time it took place, but I did not like the  tedious details of the requirements of the era - the chaperones, the servants, the season or coming out, the endless entourages they seemed to require. It didn't add to the story for me. The story itself, I found weak at best. The author's attempt at cliffhangers at chapter's end, only served to confuse. I had to make myself finish this book. Had I not had to write a review, I would have set it aside.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Monday, 10 October 2011

Book Reveiw - Deadly Pursuits by Irene Hannon

Publisher's blurb:  
A stalker with deadly intent . . .
A woman who protects children . . .
An ex-Navy SEAL turned police detective.

Social worker Alison Taylor has a passion for protecting children. But now it seems she needs protecting. When her tormentor's attentions take a violent turn, she calls in reinforcements--her police-detective brother, Cole, and his new partner, ex-Navy SEAL Mitch Morgan. As her relentless stalker turns up the heat and the danger intensifies, Mitch takes a personal interest in the case. Because protecting Alison has become more than a job; his future depends on keeping her safe.

Filled with nail-biting suspense and heart-melting romance, Deadly Pursuit is Irene Hannon's storytelling at its very best.

My Review: I really enjoyed this fast-paced story. The characters were fully believable and likable. Never a boring moment with the various storylines. A real page-turner, I read it all through in one sitting. Even my mother in-law, who usually takes weeks to finish a book is half way through it since picking it up yesterday :)

I would recommend this book to others.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. 

Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Book Review - House of Secrets BY Tracie Peterson

Publisher's blurb:
They vowed, as children, to be silent...
When her father orchestrates a surprise trip to the summer house of her childhood, Bailee Cooper is unprepared for what follows. What is intended to be a happy reunion for Bailee and her sisters quickly becomes shrouded by memories from the past.
Together again, the three sisters sift through their recollections of fifteen years ago...of an ill mother, and of their father making a desperate choice. One sister believes their silence must end and the truth be revealed. But they soon come to wonder if they can trust their memories.
Mark Delahunt arrives in the wake of this emotional turmoil. Determined to win Bailee's affection, Mark becomes a strong fortress for her in this time of confusion, and what was once a tentative promise begins to take root and grow. Caught between the past and an uncertain future, can Bailee let God guide her to healing...or will she risk losing the chance to embrace love?

My Review: I enjoyed this the beginning. It had a lot of intrigue with all the family secrets and lies...but then midway, it seems to just switch from a decent story to nothing but blind faith in God.

What I mean by blind faith, is that belief that God will solve all your problems if you just ask him to - that you don't have to put any effort into solving them yourself, just believe. I know a lot of people feel that way but I think it is nuts. God gave us free will for a reason - we create our own destiny.

Anyhow, midway through the book it seemed like the storyline just died and was replaced with how we should be dedicated to God. The main character initially does not have much faith in God and then suddenly, she is willing to accept that he will solve all her problems - just doesn't seem realistic to me.

Not really a book I would recommend.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. 

Available at your favourite bookseller from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group". 

Friday, 7 October 2011

On my mind...

On my mind today is my mother in-law. She had been visiting her sister near Ottawa for the month of September. My husband drove out and picked her up last Friday and brought her to stay with us for a few days.

Her memory is getting extremely bad. She mentions the same thing to me with several minutes of talking about it before. Her daughter had her to the doctor last year to be checked for Alzheimer's but the Dr said is is just her age - what a bunch of bunk! She is 80 yrs old and can't remember a conversation from 10 mins ago! that is not normal.

Anyhoo..Hubs drove her to his brother's place yesterday because she had an eye appt that he was taking her to. Shortly after they left, her daughter called (the one she lives with) to say that she was taking an additional week off so Mom could stay here longer if she wanted to.

So hubs has to drive out to his brother's in Toronto tomorrow to pick her up again and she will stay until next Sunday the 16th.

I literally sighed a breath of relief when she left yesterday, now she is coming back. She spoke to hubs last night to make arrangements to come back and then called an hour later completely forgetting the previous call - she didn't remember even after he reminded her of what they talked about.

I know none of this is her fault, but it is really difficult sometimes when you have to constantly repeat yourself - I should be used to this, I do have a teenager right? :)

So tomorrow morning I have a CT scan scheduled and then we will drive out to pick her up again. I also have to plan meals for while she is here - she is a somewhat picky eater.

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, so that is one meal I don't have to think about - turkey is already out to thaw. End of vent :)

Have a great weekend all.

On my mind brought to you by Down to Earth

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bits & Bobs

Here are a few artist trading cards I have made and sent to other recently.

Also a pic of my silly dog - she flipped her bed over and this is what she did when she couldn't flip it back.

Book Review - The Measure of Katie Calloway by Serena Miller

Publisher's Blurb:
Her heart seeks sanctuary in the deep woods. But will trouble find her even here?
The Civil War has ended, but in Katie Calloway's Georgia home, conflict still rages. To protect herself and her young brother from her violent and unstable husband, she flees north, finding anonymity and sanctuary as the cook in a north woods lumber camp. The camp owner, Robert Foster, wonders if the lovely woman he's hired has the grit to survive the never-ending work and harsh conditions of a remote pine forest in winter. Katie wonders if she can keep her past a secret from a man she is slowly growing to love.
With grace and skill, Serena Miller brings to life a bygone era. From the ethereal, snowy forest and the rowdy shanty boys to the warm cookstove and mouth-watering apple pie, every detail is perfectly rendered, transporting you to a time of danger and romance.

My Review:  I really liked this book. The characters were engaging and likable. The story flowed well and wasn't boring. It was funny, had adventure and romance - what more could you ask for? I would definitely recommend this book to others.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group