Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I had a job interview today. I think is went well.

  • Perm job
  • Close to home, near hubs' work, so he could drive me to and from.
  • Sounds like a decent job, not boring and not out of the realm of my experience.
  • Room for growth
  • Small start-up, so open to suggestions
Cons: Absolutely CRAP pay - I hope I didn't grimace when she told me the amount.

So we shall see if I am offered the job - I guess crap pay is better than no pay.

I'll be buying LottoMax tickets this Friday - 50 million - oh could I use that! Oh ya, and I'd share :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Another Art Canvas Completed

Gifts I made This Year For Christmas

While I was short on money this year, time & creativity, I did have.

My mother in-law was supposed to spend Christmas with us but due to circumstances outside our control, her stay had to be postponed. I still had to have some gifts for her as she is difficult to buy for and remember the shortage of cash?

Flower scarf for Mother In-law

TP mini album - Sayings for Mother in-law.

These are called TP mini albums, because they are made from toilet paper (TP) tubes.
For instructions on how to make one, go here.

To see the individual pages and tags of this mini, click here.

TP mini album of great niece for sister D

To see the individual pages and tags of this mini, click here.

TP mini album of great niece for niece Cali's Mom C.
It is very much like my sister's mini, uses the same pics, but in different composition.

To see the individual pages and tags of this mini, click here.

Cowgirl Cali canvas for my sister

Angel Cali canvas for Cali's Mom

Crocheted stroller blanket for Cali

Crocheted flower hat for Cali

And that it :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Watercolour Doodling

Since about July, I have been watching various very clever artists do live art on Ustream.com.

The first one I found, via Youtube, was Paula or the JournalArtista.

Paula introduced me (and many many others) to art journaling.

Well anyhow, last night while watching Paula stream (on her channel ), I did some playing around with some watercolur pencils I have had for several years but never really used. And to be honest, I didn't really use them as they are meant to be used last night either, I wet the brush then brushed the tip of the pencil, instead of laying down marks with the pencil  oh well, old habits die hard.

Here is what I created.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Recent Art

Click on image to enlarge.

Tree goddess done in pencil

This one is made with an old book page, watercolour & ink on a 4x6 canvas.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

More recent art

This is done with watercolour and markers.

It doesn't quite look finished to me - what do you think?

Friday, 6 January 2012

Delayed Christmas

Well we didn't actually delay Christmas but due to health issues & treatments, we did postpone our Boxing day get together, which we will finally hold tomorrow.

I made fudge, spiced nuts, candied nuts, and cookies today in preparation. I still have a full box of storebought cookies & chocolates to open tomorrow and tons of finger foods.

Also, instead of our usual full house, because of scheduling conflicts and colds, we will only be having 2 couples over tomorrow.

I also have a post written showing all the gifts I made this year, but again, because I haven't yet seen everyone to give them said gifts, I cannot yet post pictures of them - so that post is coming up in a few weeks probably.

Both Hubs & the boy return to work & school on Monday - it will be nice to once again have the house to myself.

Have a nice weekend all!