Friday, 3 February 2012

From the depths of my craft room closet

So today I was looking for something in my craft/sewingroom/office closet.
I unearthed a box I haven't looked in since I moved into this house over 4 yrs ago - I proceeded to waste the entire rest of the day going through all the nostalgia I found :)

Old school photos, old diaries, old love letters from boyfriends I haven't heard from in 30 years, and art - art I did many many moons ago. Most I had either forgotten about or thought I had lost.

For your viewing pleasure...(click any photo to enlarge)

A pencil sketch from a magazine 1990
 A sketch of my roommate Mary-Lou around 1991

Watercolour of a bouquet of flowers I had - don't recall the year

Painting from a book cover - year unknown

 Watercolour of Frodo I did for an art class - around 1986

 Pen & ink rose 1989

 Look I was doing zentangles before it even had a name!

 Something for art class

 Pencil sketch of a tree (no it is not broccoli) for art class
 Watercolour of a silk bouquet I had

 Watercolour of a potted plant

 Watercolur of Indian corn

Pen & ink chairs for art class

 Watercolour sketch for art class


Vickie LeBlanc said...

You are very talented Kim. These are all beautiful.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree you are very talented, I am especially drawn to your flower pictures,