Sunday, 25 March 2012

Oh well 1st craft sale was a bust!

I sold 1 canvas (and that was to another vendor!)

The sale was not at a great location and not at all advertised.

There were barely more than a dozen people that came through, and many of them were MY friends & family :)

My sis H drove almost 2 hours to come spend the day & night with me.

My friend K drove about an hour to come visit.

My friend L and her husband come to visit and check out the show.

My brother G and sister inlaw L drove about an hour to come visit.

My nephew's girlfriend C came to check out the show & visit.

And my friend's daughter C came to help out (not that we were busy or anything) :)

It was more of a family reunion that a sale.

Although I have known my friend K for almost 8 yrs through a work from home contract we did together, and we speak on the phone often, I had only met her once in person - yesterday was the 2nd time. :)

I also hadn't seen my sis H for a few years and she has never been to our new (almost 5 yrs now) house.

All in all, it was a fun day with friends & family and I did make a few connections for possible future shows, so all is not lost.

I did not however, recoup my $25 table fee, oh well.

 Me in turquiose, friend L on scooter, sis H next to me, friend C next to her

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