Sunday, 29 April 2012

Catch Up Post

So I worked 3 days last week at my new job - I didn't start until Wednesday as they had issues getting a final signature for my contract.

I spent Wednesday without a computer or phone, just reading anything they could print off for me - was a long boring day.

My manager managed to expidite my laptop, so I got that around 11am Thursday and spent the rest of the day setting everything up and logging tickets for things I still didn't have, such as certain software, a monitor etc...

On Friday I actually got some work done. I was finally given access to an area I needed so I could begin.

I am finding the 5am wake up very difficult to get used to. Wednesday evening I was falling alseep on myself by 8pm!

I also realized how completely out of shape I am - once I get to Toronto Union station, I have to pretty much run to the subway, go 4 stops and then walk a few blocks to arrive at work by 8am. All the stairs at the GO station & subway are going to be the death of me - my legs have been aching all week.

While working on my laptop at work, I realized I could no longer put off getting new glasses - it has been over 2 yrs since I had my eyes checked.

So I made appts for K and I to get our eyes checked today. They had a 2 for special on glasses, so I got 2 pair, one for distance and one for looking at the computer. I paid $389 for both pair with anti-glare and scratch resistant coating.

K also got 2 pair as it was the same price if he had just got one - but both his are bifocals. So he just has 2 pair if he wants to change the style. His were a little pricier at $575 for the 2 pair with coating. So almost a thousand dollars in glasses today - yikes!

Apparently my distance vision has actually gotten better so now my glasses are too strong for me and is causing eye strain - Dr said that often happens in your 40-50s and then will worsen again as you get cataracts in your 60-70s! Great!

I have a list of chores to do today: laundry, in progress (a lot more now that I am working), make breakfast burritos for fast mornings, hem a pair of pants, dinner in crockpot (adobe chicken), groceries done, eye exams done, fill and run dishwasher, handwash pots, prep lunches for J & I for the week (saves me time in the mornings)

and then get to bed by 10 pm the latest! :)

Oh I have my 2nd craft show next Sunday in Brookin, Ontario - since I didn't sell anything at my last one, I still have plenty for this one - I may try to make a couple more things though, if time permits.

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