Monday, 23 April 2012

Getting Ready to Start New Job

I start my new job tomorrow Wednesday (they are still waiting on a signature-all this after hubs drove me 3 hours to Brampton and back to get a same day background check on Thursday last week so I could start Monday!).

Today I have made 4 breakfast burritos for quick breakfasts this week - hopefully do this every weekend.

Sorted through my dress clothes. I have enough to get by, but would have LOTS more if I could lose 10-20lbs. I have a lot of stuff that is just a TAD too snug for comfort.

I made my lunch for tomorrow (it will save til Wed): a salad with various topping in lil baggies - bringing a tupperware bowl to leave at work to mix salad in.

I still have one pair of pants to hem, will either do that this evening or leave til the weekend, I do have enough to get by the rest of the week.

Switched to my work purse and reorganized with pens, notebook and such.

Baked a loaf of bread for kid's lunches this week, will make him a loaf of cinnimon bread tomorrow for his breakfasts.

Well now I have an extra day to get things done - maybe even do a bit of art tomorrow.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

how has your first few days of work been?