Friday, 11 May 2012

A Week In Review

Getting up early for work is still kickin my butt. Most nights I get home by 5:30pm and feel exhausted. I don't get much done other than making lunches for the next day. Last night I actually managed to stay awake until 10pm.

My skin is clear as I am cleaning my face regularly to remove the make-up I put on each morning.

I really do need more biz clothing. Must shop around this weekend.

My current work assignment is nothing more than reviewing documents and is extremely boring, add in my exhaustion and it is hard to not nod off.

I got my new glasses last Friday night - one pair for distance and the other for the computer - I am loving both. Will add a photo of one pair later.

I was too tired to make my lunch Tuesday evening for Wednesday so I bought my lunch on Wed. Well that was a bad idea, as it must have been a bit "off" as I barely made it home and spent the next several hours in the washroom - sorry if that is too much info - I stayed home Thursday as my stomach was still out fo whack.

Almost the weekend - YAY - have a great weekend all - it is supposed to be lovely weather - I have two raised garden beds to clean out and a whole list of chores I'd like to get done on Saturday so I can have a nice relaxing Sunday.