Saturday, 30 June 2012

Brave or stupid, you be the judge

UPDATED to add photo at bottom of post, I missed the before shot for the dresser zone.

Ok so I am going to show you pics of the disaster that is my office/sewing/craft room. It is not always like this, but I have lately just been pulling stuff out and now putting anything back.

Trying to sew, art & work in this area is not easy when there is this much mess.

I want to make my craft table area bigger by putting a pc of MDF board on top of the table, but to do that, I have to move and then organize everything off the table top - this is what started the room deep clean & overhaul.

I hope to have it finished this weekend, it is a long weekend here for Canada Day tomorrow, so I'll keep my fingers crossed thast I can get it done.

That way in 2 wks, when my contract is finshed, I can easily art in here :)

The view from the door (that's a dog bone on floor)
 Desk area, dog bed & sewing table, partially finished quilt on design wall
 Craft area
 Between craft area & desk area (laptop is on basket 
because fan stand broke & it tends to overheat) 
I need to get swivel stand so I can spin laptop around and view
 it while crafting, anyone know of one of those?
 Lil table next to desk, more supplies that need to find homes
 Desk area mess, paper recycling under desk that never 
seems to make it to recycling bin
 Sewing table, school uniform pants that need hemming
 (yes I know school is out, so I'm slow, sue me :P) 
(bought those book boxes @Winners & haven't decided 
where to put them, they are beautiful-will post separately about them)
 Growing piles, if it doesn't topple, it is fine :)
 Craft area-lil drawers still empty
 Desk & craft area overlap (peanut butter jar holds gesso)
Mason jars used to hold up shelves
Dresser area clutter

And that is my mess, and I should have been cleaning instead of posting this, but I like procrastinating, I really do :)

I hope to have after pictures up very SOON! (relative term)

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