Monday, 23 July 2012

My Day In Review

The day started wonderfully, with me sleeping in til 10am - oh this unemployment is mahvalous!

I made a caramel swirl coffee & took it, my book "Dogs & Goddesses" & Peanut outside. It was warm but not hot and the sun has not yet reached the patio table, so I was in the shade.

A while later, I made  myself another coffee, vanilla biscotti this time & an omlette & took them outside. I read & ate & Peanut ran around, sunbathed or rolled in the grass in the grass. For a black & white dog, she really loves the sun.

I was enjoying my book (it has talking dogs & is hilarious) when I heard Peanut YIP. She limped over to me with her left paw up. I picked her up and put her back to me so that there was no pressure on her paw. She yipped some more and then started to yip constantly.

I took her inside and woke J up (who normally sleeps all day these days). I wanted to see if there was a splinter or something in her paw, we saw nothing. She was crying constantly still, even without moving the paw.

I decide to call K at work to come home and take us to the vet. Or maybe I should just call my friend L down the road and have her take us, it would be faster...but first I should call the vet. I start hunting for the vet's phone number - K comes in the front door!

I call our vet, they can't see her til 4pm, it is almost noon now. I call the closer vet, they say come on over.

By the time we get to the vet Peanut has stopped crying and is even putting some pressure on the paw. The vet checks her out (Peanut's paw is hugely swollen) and tells me how much Benadryl to give her, suggests anti-inflammitories for the pain and even an xray in case it is a fracture. We take the anti-inflamitores, but pass on the $200 xray. The visit & the pain meds come to $101.

I give her the meds & peanut butter when we get home. She lays down on the couch with J & they both go back to sleep.

It is 8 hours later now and she is doing fine, the swelling is gone, but it is still tender to the touch, but she is walking fine.

I finished reading Dogs & Goddesses. It is a nice light summer read and quite funny, I recommend it.

Let's hope tomorrow is a little less eventful :)

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