Monday, 2 July 2012

Operation Deep Clean Completed

So it took me three days, but it is finally finished.

Pc of MDF I bought to put on top of my table to enlarge craft space to 3'x6'

All loaded up with my craft stuff again
1st half of my desk cleaned up

2nd half of my desk cleaned

Sewing area all nice & clean, however, my cutting 
table is also my craft table, so no sewing for a while

Dresser area - used MDF cutoffs, not pretty but functional
I'm undecided about the bottom pc of MDF, since it is smaller than 
the dresser, I may just remove it, but it does extend my craft work area a bit

I just have a small pile of homeless items that I must find homes for, then the room will be completely cleaned! Let's hope it stays that way for awhile.


Katidids said...

Looks great, now come work your magic on mine!

Victoria said...

OH MY WORD!!! What an incredible transformation! I too could really use some help to get my room back together.... Feel like a trip to calgary?? Open door policy! ;)) so long as we get to create!!

Lin said...

I am so impressed!!!!!
I'm also working on getting you those photos.
BTW, no photos of the TP book, or the puppy scrap book? I love them!