Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Another "where the heck have I been" type post

I know if has been ages since I have posted anything other than a book review. Life has been busy to say the least.

Currently, my mother in-law is living with us because of some health concerns & because she has early stage Alzheimer's and needs daily care. This has not been an easy thing for me to adjust to. My mother in-law & I never much liked each other to begin with and now I am with her 24/7 in a care giver role that I am really not cut out for. We are managing ok I guess. We are both somewhat stressed. She is overwhelmed with all the new things happening to her & doesn't remember most of what she is told about these new ailments. I am doing my best to be patient with her, and most days that works. Although I could really use a break.

She is going home to her daughter's house for the holidays while her daughter is off work to care for her, so I will get a bit of a break. But then she will be back here indefinitely until her other health concerns are worked out.

I haven't been looking for work as I really need to be home with her right now, so applying for anything would not be a good idea - she cannot be left alone for long.

I have had 3 craft shows this fall/winter. I did progressively better at each one. The last one with the Durham Region Community Crafters Guild was the best - I will be sure to enroll in their next sale. I like that it is all hand crafted items and no "gift" type booths such as Scentsy, Tupperware or Pampered Chef.

Otherwise, we are all doing well. Christmas has snuck up on me & I haven't even started shopping, not that I have many people to buy for.

Here are a couple pics from my most recent craft show.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Latest Secret Project Reveal!

I had hoped to have this ready for the beginning of October, but real life got in the way :) - better late than never I guess

I came up with this idea a few months back, started working on it a couple months ago & then let it sit for several weeks while my creative mojo wasn't flowing.

I now have it finished! It is..... insert drum roll...

The Christmas Fireplace Card & Address Book Holder (kinda long huh?)
(building pattern for sale below if interested)

The top of the chimney flips open to hold your address book or list of people you regularly send Christmas cards to. The mantle opens to hold your handmade or store bought cards & envelopes. You can also store a pen and stamps in there for convenience.

I created the brick by cutting a brick stencil (I know I could have bought one, but I didn't think I had time, nor that I would use it again) out of thick acrylic packaging. I used tile grout (that I had) with white glue added and paint added to get the correct colour. I then applied it through the stencil. I like the way it turned out.

The front of the fireplace mantle is made from wood trim cut to fit, and then painted to look aged.

I do have the complete pattern (how to make the fireplace & address book) for sale in my Etsy store for those that are interested in making one. NOTE: The pattern does NOT include decoration instructions.

Of course you could decorate it and complete it any way you would like - I do not provide decorating instructions in the pattern. You could simply use really nice patterned paper as well.

Thanks all for looking :)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

New Stuff for Craft Shows

I am hoping to do at least two craft shows this fall, one in November & one in December.
So I have been busy making things to sell - here are some of those things.

Altered shabby chic wooden boxes

Large Mini album

Small 4x4 mini album

 4x6 mini album

6x6 mini album

3x3 mini albums

3x3 accordion mini album

I put photos in this one as a sample so people know 
what to do with them - they are adhered with temp glue

One night J came and cuddled Peanut in her bed, then he fell asleep, 
hubs came and took Peanut to bed with him, leaving J asleep in Peanut's bed :P

Peanut in her usual comfy position :)

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Day in The Life of Me

So I finally decided to get my hair cut yesterday. I was long overdue for a cut as it had been at least a year since my last cut. I tried a new place just around the corner from home.

When I called to ask about prices, the person answering the phone didn't know the answer and just yelled it out to someone in the salon. I was told it cost $25-30 for a wash, cut & style for long hair. That should have been my first clue, as that is pretty low. But I needed it done and really didn't want to pay a lot anyhow.

So I show up there yesterday and there is only one other client there. I get my hair washed with slightly too cool water. She never asked if the temp was ok or not as most stylists do.  Then, they have no capes, they are all in the dryer, remember, there is only one other client there. So they give me an ill fitting robe, I am a large woman, so this thing didn't close int he front, so I got covered in hair.

Also, most stylists will ask how you want your hair cut while it is still dry, this one didn't. I told her I wanted it cut shoulder length, and the sides layers to brush back. I also said I wanted it long enough to still put into a ponytail. As soon as she cut the sides, I could see she had cut off too much - not much point of mentioning it then, the deed was done. I guess she didn't consider hair shrinks up as it dries.

So she cut the length & texturized all the ends - but never put any layers into my hair. I ended up with a bob at about chin level - I hate it!

They charged me $28.50 for it. The only good news is that there is much less to colour.

During my time there, the owner was working on the other client. Another client came in to ask a question about eyebrow threading. The owner just said, "I'm busy & I don't work tomorrow, call some other time."
Really? How unprofessional? How about setting up an appointment for another day she is in? That is what the receptionist, who was just sitting around should be doing.

So now I am hoping my hair grows quickly & I'll have to find a different salon in the next year.

I called hubs who was on vacation that day, to come and meet me for lunch at the pub next door.
I had finally got back to eating lowcarb the previous day. So I figured a grilled chicken breast on a greek salad would be safe. Wrong, after I poured the small container of dressing over my salad, I tasted a drop from the lid - it was SWEET! I had given up sugar! Now the whole salad tasted bad & I knew it would mess with my progress. I put some vinegar on it to try to cut the sweetness some.

Yesterday just was not my day *sigh*

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to school time YES!

1st day of grade 11 for my kiddo. Ain't he cute? :)

And they gave him homework, so right off the bat we are arguing to get it done! It is gonna be a long year!

Not a lot else happening at the moment. No job prospects. I submit to at least one job per week, but hear nothing from them.

I have signed up for one craft sale in Dec and will possible sign up for another two, one in early Nov & the late Nov.

So I have been busy making stuff for the sale(s). I think I also have to order some plastic bags, so that I am not putting sold stuff into recycled Walmart or Shoppers bags, which kinda looks tacky. They don't cost too much on Etsy for a 50 count. I am also thinking to order a banner for the front of my table that says Kim's Creations. Again, not expensive via VistaPrint, about $10 I think. I have been making my own business cards, so that is covered.

I have posted a couple items on my Etsy store LaLaLaLovelies and hope to post more after the sales, whatever doesn't sell I guess.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Yet another box with mini albums I made for a friend's birthday

I bought the box at the Dollar store, I painted the edges and covered the rest in patterned paper, inside & out. I made 3 mini albums as my friend has 3 children, 2 boys & a girl.

Thanks for looking :)