Friday, 15 March 2013

Finally Finishing Some Watercolour Paintings

I sorted through my watercolour supplies yesterday and found several unfinished works from approx. 1989.

I decided to finish them up before starting any new paintings.

Here is my progress so far.

In the image collage, the 1st pic is the subject of my painting, either a print I bought or a card. The 2nd pic is the way the painting looked from 1989, before I started work on it again, and finally the 3rd pic is how it looks finished either now. I've also included just the final version to better show the detail.

I have a few more to finish, I will post them once done.

thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vanity I Made for a Friend's Birthday

I made the following vanity & mini album from a Kathy Orta pattern I bought. I then made the additional two drawer minis on my own.

This post is very pic intensive.

I used Ladies' Diary paper by Graphic 45 that I absolutely LOVE.
My friend loved the vanity as well :)

Click on pics for larger images.
Before I added all the embellishments
I used a key on a brad as a swing closure 
as I didn't have magnets strong enough

Lace on the sides as doilies

 The mini album that fits in the drawer

 Top tray

Mini albums I made for each side drawer

Final version of flowers added to frame & 
cameo pin to embellish top or to wear

 Wrapped and ready to go

 L opening her gift 

 L with her vanity (& Luigi)

The front of the mini album

The pages with photo mat inserts - this mini can hold 40 photos

The two minis I made for the side drawer - pictures of her 
two sons will be added to these (each mini can hold 24 photos)

Not sure what my next project will be - thanks for looking :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mini Album I made for a Friend's Sister's Birthday

My friend asked me to make this for her sister for her birthday in Dec.

The mini contains photos from infancy to current day of my friend's sister. We had to have her daughter smuggle her photo album out of the house & over to me to scan & print all new photos. It was sneaky & fun :)

The mini is very interactive, with many pullout photo matts.


And finally, a pic of the recipient receiving the mini album.