Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Life Update

The craft show I participated in on the 20th went ok. I sold $67 worth of stuff, but the table cost $30, so only a profit of $37. My sister H purchased several of those items. We still had a fun time though.

Mini quote books I made - sold 3

 My sis H


The weather is finally starting to warm up here and I think/hope we won't have any more snow.

I was submitted for a few bank contracts last week, but have yet to hear back from them.

I spent 3.5 hours in ER Sunday night. I got back spasms that felt like they were choking me. They lasted 2.5 hours continuously - then finally slowed to once every few minutes. By the time I was seen by a Dr at 1.30am, they had almost stopped. The Dr gave me a script for a muscle relaxer & one pill to take when I got home. It was 2:15am by the time I got home, and I needed to be up at 6:30am to get J off to school, so I didn't take the pill, as the Dr said it would knock me out. When the boys left at 7:30am, I took the pill and went back to bed until 12:30pm. My back no longer hurt, I was just a tad stiff & sore. Yeah for happy pills :) I got the script filled even though my back has been fine since, if it ever starts again, I don't want to have to go to the hospital again.

I planted my garden vegetable seeds indoors a few weeks ago - I have several types doing well in a starter flat in my front room. I will still have to buy a few plants for things like kale & tomatoes, which I don't have seeds for. I can probably put the flat out during the day this week as it is supposed to be around 20C/68F all week, and just bring them in at night. May 24th weekend is when most planting in the garden is done here, when there is no chance of frost.

I did a minor reorg of my office/craft/sewing room. I bought a new small bookcase to put on my desk to free up some space on the larger bookcase near my art table for my papers.

I am back on the low carb band wagon AGAIN and currently down 16 lbs from Jan 1st. Slow is good right?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cards Made For Upcoming Craft Show

I have a craft show on the 20th of this month. I recently bought a really nice paper pad from Michael's - Habitat by Recollections, anyhow - I have made some great cards from this paper, it is just SO nice!

The few cards not made from this paper were made before but will still be up for sale at the show.

I am thinking $4 per card, maybe $5 - what do you think? You can't see on all of them, but they all have a raised element or two.

Oh ya, they are all blank inside.
(Click on image to see larger version.)