Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Names and Stuff

So I had planned to tell you a story about something that happened to me & my friend L when we were teens, but then I realized, that I have two friends named L and you wouldn't know who I was talking about.

Well the L I was going to talk about is about my age and we were friends during our teen years and did many crazy teen things together. The other L was my older sister's friend growing up but has become my friend as well in the last 10 or so yrs.

I thought I could maybe differentiate by calling them Big L & Little L according to age, however, the older L is actually quite small & the younger L is tall, so not little. I also figured calling them old L and young L would just be rude.

So L (who was originally sis's friend) will now be know as LT, and my teen friend will be know as LDR. Until I forget this and just call them L again, in which case you can just try to guess which one I am talking about :p     Hint LDR lives far away, LT lives close.

So if anyone else ever wants to be my friend, you must not have an L name or I will never be able to blog about you. Use your middle name instead or make one up. I don't have any W named friends that I can think of. I'll just call you Wilma :P

Since we are on the topic of names... I have a sister & sister in law with the same 1st & 2nd names (the 2nd name is spelled differently, but still). I also have a brother, brother in-law & nephew with the same 1st name. And it isn't even a common name like Steve or John. The brother in-law & nephew are father and son, so the same name thing kind of makes sense.

I luckily found a husband with such an unusual name, no one I knew was going to have it. Fortunately, it is not hard to pronounce, unlike his last name, which everyone in my family butchers. I do not have his last name, since I didn't actually marry him, but my son does. And it really isn't that difficult to say.

Anyhow, I thought my husband's name was unique - his father heard the name as a last name on TV and liked the sound of it, so he named his son that. Their last name is a common Portuguese last name. So one day I Googled my husband's name, and lo and behold their is someone in Trinidad (where my in-laws are both originally from) with that exact same name! He is a sports writer and quiet popular. All the Google hits were for him and not my husband.

I am kind of glad I didn't find anything on Google about my husband because that would have been kind of creepy...no?

And this concludes todays' ramblings about nothing :)

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