Saturday, 12 October 2013

Latest Secret Project Reveal!

I had hoped to have this ready for the beginning of October, but real life got in the way :) - better late than never I guess

I came up with this idea a few months back, started working on it a couple months ago & then let it sit for several weeks while my creative mojo wasn't flowing.

I now have it finished! It is..... insert drum roll...

The Christmas Fireplace Card & Address Book Holder (kinda long huh?)
(building pattern for sale below if interested)

The top of the chimney flips open to hold your address book or list of people you regularly send Christmas cards to. The mantle opens to hold your handmade or store bought cards & envelopes. You can also store a pen and stamps in there for convenience.

I created the brick by cutting a brick stencil (I know I could have bought one, but I didn't think I had time, nor that I would use it again) out of thick acrylic packaging. I used tile grout (that I had) with white glue added and paint added to get the correct colour. I then applied it through the stencil. I like the way it turned out.

The front of the fireplace mantle is made from wood trim cut to fit, and then painted to look aged.

I do have the complete pattern (how to make the fireplace & address book) for sale in my Etsy store for those that are interested in making one. NOTE: The pattern does NOT include decoration instructions.

Of course you could decorate it and complete it any way you would like - I do not provide decorating instructions in the pattern. You could simply use really nice patterned paper as well.

Thanks all for looking :)