Monday, 6 January 2014

The Documented Life Project

So I only heard about this on New Years eve day, so I had to scramble to get ready.

The idea is to get a planner (or make one as I did) and use it as a planner & an art journal throughout 2014. Basically to document your life, for at least this year.

The people that posted this project will post a challenge each week as inspiration for you to art about - you can do any interpretation of the prompt that you want, you can draw, write, paint, sketch, scrap whatever.

Here is the Original blog post explaining the project - there are also links embedded to more ideas.

This is the Facebook group page where you can get tons of inspiration from over 2800 people also in the challenge.

Here is the materials I started with.
Month tabs added.

Here it is partially decorated with washi tape on the edges and many fold-out pages added.

This is how I changed the binding once it started getting too fluffy for its' spiral binding.

Here is my interpretation of the 1st Challenge - your front door.

My covers are plastic, so I can't paint or draw on them,but I was thinking I could make a fabric slip cover using lace and vintage fabric maybe.I still have plenty of time to decide on that though.

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