Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hope Runs by Claire Diaz-Ortiz & Samuel Ikua Gachagua

Publisher's blurb: She went to Kenya to climb a mountain. But God had other plans.

When Claire Díaz-Ortiz arrived in Kenya at the end of an around-the-world journey, she decided to stay the night, climb Mount Kenya, and then head back home. She entered an orphanage, seeing it as little more than a free place to spend the night before her mountain trek.

Sammy Ikua Gachagua had lost his father to illness, his mother to abandonment, and his home to poverty. By age ten, he was living in a shack with several other children and very little food. He entered an orphanage, seeing it as a miracle with three meals a day, a bed to sleep in, and clothes on his back.

Hope Runs is the emotional story of one American tourist, one Kenyan orphan, and how one day became one year that would change the course of both of their lives forever. It's about opening your heart to outrageous possibilities. It's about what it means to hope for the things you cannot see.
It's about how God can change your life in the blink of an eye.

My review: I enjoyed this book but found it a tad Polly-Anna-ish. Everything seemed to be viewed through rose-coloured glasses. I know it is to be an upbeat book but it makes it seem unrealistic in its simplicity - girl meets boy, feels sorry for him and helps him - the end. Even though some hardships were mentioned, I didn't get a true feeling for them. Samuel didn't seem that bad off in the orphanage. I would still probably recommend this book to others.

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